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Volunteers Needed

We need your help.

Angel Baskets is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff. The year-round Food Banks and Holiday Program require hundreds of volunteers to make it happen.

Please contact us to get involved!

Our History

Angel Baskets was founded in 1981 to provide help at the holidays for several local families who were struggling financially. Throughout its 35 year history, Angel Baskets has remained flexible, expanding geographically and adding new programs to meet changing needs. Angel Baskets now operates four programs (Food, School Supplies, Elder and Holiday) in San Miguel County, the west end of Montrose County and the Dove Creek area of Dolores County. Angel Baskets remains an all-volunteer organization with no overhead and no paid staff. The three food bank spaces are donated, as are the storage and holiday spaces.

Millions of Smiles

Angel Baskets recipients write:

"Thank you. It helps us have a nice dinner and it help to me lift my spirit with the nice thing you gave me. That blanket has help to keep me warm since Christmas of last year. It is still in use on my bed. I thank you for all the help you given me. May God bless each and every one of you." 

"You are the closest thing to angels in my life..."

"Get J. something, really special, because he really does deserve it. I just want a Teddy Bear. I know that I'm too old for one, but, I can't help it. Can you get J., a big red tool box? He has his tools in the house under the bed, but, if he had a tool box, that he can keep on the porch, that would be great. I know, that sound's like a lot, but, J. is my whole wide world, and, I would really appreciate it if he had one. He doesn't know how to read yet, so, he doesn't know, what I'm writing about." (60 year old couple).

"Thank you very much. You guys help so many people including us. I am gratefull. I had my daughter when I was 16 and with her medical problems...I don't have a lot of money to give her a whole lot for Christmas. So I wanted to say Thank you. You guys really make a difference in a lot of peoples eyes. Thank you." 

"Thank you for your great help and more in this time of crisis." 

"Thank you & God Bless All" 

"Thank you so much for your kindness & hard work to help mothers like me! May you have happy & healthy Holidays. God Bless You All!" 

"Thank you to ‘ALL' who make this possible. This is greatly appreciated." 

"Thank you so much. I appreciate this more than you know. Thank you." 

"Thank you so much to everyone that helps in anyway you truely are a blessing" 

"Help with 4 studded snow tires ... to keep taking my daughter who lives with me to therapy appt.s ... She is doing well now and I want her to keep doing well. I do not expect you to get me all 4 tires but any help would be appreciated"

"Thank you so much for everything you guys do & God Bless You All." 

"Thank you so much for your program for it truly brings out the meaning and spirit of Christmas." 

"I did not get an application this year. I thought maybe if I sent my information to you, you could go ahead and help us. We are extremely short for Christmas this year. We have gotten the Angel Basket Before. It helped out a lot Thank You. Please give us a chance and help us out." 

"...(8 month old) has allergies she can only ware pampers sensitive care diapers size 2 and same brand two year old the told me she was stage c diabled she cant talk very well she has a vocabulary of maybe 10 words and cant recive any speech therapy untell April of 09. So I'm asking for this so my daughter can have some help with her speech. If I could afford this I whould by it myself. And my 5 year old ... has tubes in her ears and after 3 surgery for tubes to be removd and put back in . she now hase hearing loss in one ear and her heering often comes and gose in the other so I wantd to choose something to help her speech She also is stage B diability but she gets speech therpy at school so maybe we could get some Leap frog hand held game boy or Leap frog read along book and talking pen. Thank you so much for all you help Anglel baskets and volunteers."

Even more great news!


The Wilkinson Public Library is partnering with Angel Baskets again. Pay your outstanding library fines between November 28 and December 11 and the fines will be used to purchase grocery gift certificates for recipients of the holiday program.


We know you wish you'd never received that parking ticket, but there is a bright side! From November 21 to December 17 you can pay your parking ticket with a toy by bringing in your parking ticket, a new (unwrapped) toy of equal or greater value and the purchase receipt to the Telluride Marshall's Department and they will donate the toys to Angel Baskets.

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